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The most successful leaders empower their people to be their best, to do their best. Let me help your team do theirs.

Margaret Harris

Gallup Certified Coach

“Not only will people flock to you and your company when they know you value their professional development, but you will reap the rewards of increased capability and productivity throughout the organization”


Proven Coaching Methods Based on Studying More than 1 Million Teams

As a Gallup Certified Coach I offer consultation and training on every level, from 1:1 executive leadership support & management training, to group employee sessions. I help companies attain and retain top talent by providing tools and strategies that foster a workplace culture that brings out the best in every team member. 

I focus on coaching in 5 key areas:
Strengths-Based Leadership, Teamwork, Conflict Management, Generational Difference in the Workplace, and Wellbeing & Resilience in the Workplace.

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