A True Professional

“There’s nothing more worthwhile than being part of a team that values one another, and appreciates the unique strengths that each person brings. While at MongoDB, Maggie was a facilitator and Strengths Coach during a staff development workshop at our annual Marketing Kick-Off. She did a superb job of providing a baseline understanding of the Strength-based methodology, and leading the group through a series of exercises to build deeper connections with one another. When you work with Maggie, you can expect someone that is genuine, empathetic, and a true professional!”

-Jeff Meisel
Senior Director of Global Marketing, Aiven
(formerly Americas Marketing Director, MongoDB)

Maggie Fully Delivered

“Maggie Harris is energetic, passionate about her work, and has a talent for making everyone feel included. LS2group approached Maggie ahead of our 2022 senior leadership retreat, and then again for 2023 after her tremendous work the year before. We were seeking a consultant with expertise in speaking to professionals about personality types, navigating individuals’ strengths and weaknesses, and building deeper connections between team members.
Maggie fully delivered on this. Across both retreats she consulted with us for, she put together engaging presentations with practical applications, including a variety of thought-provoking exercises for LS2group senior leadership. Our team members appreciated her expertise on CliftonStrengths and Enneagram testing, particularly her insights about how to leverage each person’s strengths to make our team function as smoothly and successfully as possible.
We recommend Maggie’s work and appreciate her help making our last two retreats a success.”

Karen Slifka
Partner, LS2group

Confidence for Success

“Working with Maggie was instrumental in helping me to realize that what I considered my weaknesses were, in fact, strengths. After a twenty-year absence from the workforce, she helped me find the confidence I needed to succeed in my current role.”

-Christy Devine Shulman
Diaper Bank Director, Northern NV

Maggie is AMAZING!

“Maggie is AMAZING! She was my Strength Finder Coach for around 4 months and I truly enjoyed working with her. She gave me so much insight into myself and others and every session seemed to fly by. I loved working with her so much, that I suggested a half day session for our Executive Team. She is a true professional and so knowledgeable in her field. I would recommend Maggie to anyone seeking to improve upon their strengths, be a better leader, and take themselves to the next level.”

Aubrey Arreola, CMP
Chief Operating Officer, Vitcus Group

I Highly Recommend Maggie

“Maggie has been an incredible connection for me and our organization. Her knowledge of CliftonStrengths has been invaluable in understanding how to optimize my strengths as a leader and in working with others to help them lean into their strengths for the benefit of the team. I was promoted to a new position after working with Maggie and I can confidently say that her coaching made me much more assured in talking about what I brought to the table. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Maggie for working with individuals and teams to improve organizational dynamics.”

Doralyn Rossmann
Dean of the Library | Professor, Montana State University Library

Truly Commendable Dedication

“With her unique blend of CliftonStrengths expertise, passion, and personalized guidance, Maggie possesses an exceptional ability to connect strengths to real-world applications. Having experienced customized workshops, personal and group coaching; her dedication to the success and well-being of her clients is truly commendable.”

Heidi Parker, MA
Community Initiatives Manager, Arts & Healing Initiative